New Head Baseball Coach of ASU

If you read news about baseball team of Arizona State University (ASU), you may find out about the new coach which has been transferred from Indiana University. The name is Tracy Smith. He was the head baseball coach of Indiana University. In previous news, you may look for the statement of Ray Anderson who is the Vice President of Arizona State University. He stated that he really wanted to look for the replacement of Tim Esmay.
The university really wants to get the very strong leadership. They also want to see much energy comes from the team. The passion culture of the sport is important to apply as well. They also need to prove that they can get their golden era in winning the championship as well. Those will be basic things to pay attention about for any of the baseball players of ASU.
What they need is Tracy Smith. This coach can fulfill whether integrity, dignity, and also class. Many people say that Tracy Smith will suit the best for Arizona State University’s baseball team. The reputation of Tracy Smith is great as well. He became the National Coach of the Year in 2013 among certain association and sites. If you want to look for more information about him, you can review online actually.